Facilitating philanthropy through technology.

Fluxx is a San-Francisco-based technology firm that reached out looking for a stronger positioning and messaging that would move the needle within the grant-making space.

Being relatively new, they had spent their early years getting products up and running that would assist grant makers and grant seekers to connect and fulfill each of their missions. However, they didn’t have a strongly differentiated positioning.

I spearheaded an in-depth review of their current marketing, and competitive analysis with the team at McGuffin Creative Group. I recommended they dial back their “helping the world” mantra (though very important, overall) and convey a more functional, outcome-driven stance. Hence the tagline, “Igniting your mission,” and positioning that describes Fluxx as having “a heart for philanthropy and a mind for technology.”

The software is what gets grant makers and seekers from request through resolution with less stress. We felt it was important to make that link much more clearly.